Kudos to SmartThings -- I have returned

PSA: Lawyers… This is not an endorsement whatsoever, just giving my personal thoughts! This does not reflect the view of the company and is my own personal experience.

I made the decision over the weekend to give SmartThings another try as I’ve been excited about what’s coming and quite frankly I needed a UI that I could understand (no offense to the hub I was using prior, but I just couldn’t figure out the automations – 100% user error, but it was just demotivating) and from what I read ST had come a long way. I also wanted to get a feel for the platform again now that we’re going to start cranking out Wiki articles.

My biggest concern was the nightmare we had with ST a year to year and a half ago where it was slow, the issue I personally had with not being able to add a device (but I could remove it – then not add it again), and just overall flakiness.

So far, I’ve experienced nothing but quick speed – basically on par with what I had with the other hub, setup is a breeze and everything just… works. Granted, it’s been 2 days so time will tell, but so far it looks good. I’ve setup automations that work, scene control is fast, and overall the network seems healthy.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience – I’m glad to be back!


@Eric_Inovelli are you using ST with the new Edge? I was thinking of switching hubs myself.

I had an older version hub laying around. I think it’s a V3, but I don’t remember my other V3’s doing this – but basically it has a WiFi network built in or something.

I’m waiting on Edge bc it doesn’t support notifications or some other features (can’t remember off the top of my head) to my knowledge. But I do plan on testing them shortly!

Exactly! I’ve never stopped using ST, and over the last 8-12 months it has gotten way faster. And the biggest thing for me is the automations almost never fail, unlike my other hub.
I find the new app to be great, fast and reliable.
I use hub connect to share devices, but it’s going away shortly with the deprecation of groovy.
The ST hub even handles all my old osram bulbs that give HE fits, and my Xiaomi devices.
And the ST Mobile notifications are rock solid, along with built in battery monitoring, which should be standard on all hubs.

My hub is an older V2, and if edge is all it’s cracked up to be, I have no hesitation in buying the new aeotec hub or maybe an old V3 ST hub

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