Laser engraving

Hello all!

One of you (named Scott) reached out to us asking if we offer laser etching for Inovelli switches. we didn’t, but we are always open to new challenges. And here we are today!

Tired of friends and family not knowing what the favorite button does? or people wondering “hey Scoot, why this switch turned red?”
We have the solution for you! Just have them labeled! it’s not ink, it’s laser engraving meaning it will never fade away.


IMO, it’s a much better idea to engrave the wall plate instead of the switch paddle. That way if you have a mix of different types of paddle switches you can label all of them.

Like this:

What about different colors? Have you tested them out?

If a different color or device type paddle is desired, could we send them to you for engraving (or have you buy them? The question is more about the flexibility available than the details of the logistics.)

For just the device/room/main names, I would agree, but my interest in this is not primarily for the device names, but rather the different meanings of LEDs and outcomes of button taps. (As in the picture above.)

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I haven’t tested with other colors. models and colors are on limited inventory on inovelli website (just like everything these days…) so I bought the 2 in 1 and the aux paddle in white only.

if you are looking for a good quantity order for a specific color, let me know. ill order them.

Thanks! Big batch just ordered.

Agreed. I think these plates are much nicer than the plastic ones:

Cleanplate Collections | Tedstuff

I replaced nearly all of the white plastic plates in our house with these and they look great. Very high WAF.