LED Bar Error on Red Series Switch with Hubitat

I am using Hubitat and installed a couple of the new Red Series switches over the weekend. I am trying to get the LED Bar to function. It successfully created the child devices but when I try to change the color or anything, this error shows up in the logs and nothing happens.

2019-10-28 02:53:15.919 pm debugEntryway Light Switch: Unhandled: ApplicationRejectedRequest(status:0)

Any ideas what is going on?



I came across this issue recently after changing a setting in Hubitat Device Setting for the Switch. It seems if you have the option to Disable Remote Control from inside SmartThings Set to “Yes” this also applies to the notifications… Try turning it off…

@EricM_Inovelli is this can you revise the driver to allow blocking of the internal relay inside Hubitat without effecting the ability to switch notification?


Turning that feature off did work for me as well, thank you @lockout . I agree with @lockout @EricM_Inovelli it would be nice to have be able to use this feature without it affecting the notification feature.

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Does it work to leave Disable Remote Control at No but use the config button (I think you hit it 8 times) to turn on the relay, will the notifications work then?

I was looking at that remote control option incorrectly. I have it installed in a 3 way installation with a dumb switch as the 2nd switch. I have smart bulbs so I wanted to disable the relay and I was also hoping I could use the dumb switch with the internal relay disabled, that doesn’t work though as it still turns off power to the bulbs. I think I enabled the remote option when playing around with that not realizing it was disabling control within Hubitat and not the remote dumb switch. @Terk so the Disable Remote Control really doesn’t have anything to do with the relay, it’s just control within Hubitat. Anyway at least I think that’s what I’m understanding now.


Ok thanks, at first that sounded like a strange option to have but I guess I have one use case where that would be useful, it’s a smart switch that is controlling a Ring Floodlight. I have a clear plastic cover over the switch so I have to use something skinny to poke the switch to manually turn it off or do it through Hubitat if I need to reset the floodlight. Right now I just have to be extra careful with my rules that turn off all of the lights to make sure that one doesn’t get turned off when I leave the house.

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Looks like you guys figured it out, but:

Disable Remote Control: Prevents Hubitat from controlling the device.
Disable Local Control: Prevents physically being able to control the device.

I will look into the possibility of disabling remote control but keeping notification support, but the z-wave alliance is pretty specific about the “Protection” command class and what you can and cannot do with it.