LED bar flashing green and ceiling light flickering

I have a modern forms smart ceiling fan. This is the first of 3 bedrooms, the living room switches were very easy to install and add to Home Assistant.

So what’s happening:
The light switch, since installation, just flashes green. When I turn on the ceiling light, the ceiling light will flicker between brightnesses, like 2 low flickers and a bright one (not exact pattern, just an example). The switch itself is constantly flickering green. I read somewhere that this could be a firmware update, but it’s not a progress bar, and it’s been like this over night.

Troubleshooting steps:
Unpair and repair in Home Assistant
Power cycling the switch using the bottom air hole thing
Power cycling the switch using the circuit breaker of the house
Changing the switch to smart bulb mode in HA
Setting the brightness to max in HA

I think that’s all I’ve tried so far. Let me know if I should provide any kind of log, and where I’d look for it.

Just so you know, this switch is NOT rated for fan loads. I attempted to install one on a small fan and when turning on the fan part (while light was on) the light would select a new kelvin rating. The switch was selected for SMB and providing all the power it could, but it’s just not meant for motor loads.

I mean it was convenient to select 3000k to 5000k without needing a remote, but did not feel safe leaving it connected.

Gotcha, is there a switch that could take the fan load? I have 3 of the blues left over, I can find other places for them, but I have 3 rooms with those fans installed. I need something that’ll have that same smart bulb mode, where it’s always passing through the power.

In the works but not released yet

Oh sweet, are they available for pre-order yet?

Yes. But that is a FAN only switch and it sounds like you are having an issue with a LIGHT switch.

Does your fan have the light and fan switched separately? It sounds as if you were trying to use a Blue for the light portion, so the upcoming fan switch won’t solve that issue, as it’s for the fan only.

If you are just switching the light, then it may be an incompatibility between the fan LED and the switch. A firmware update might fix that. But some fans with the built-in, non-changable bulbs have had issues with Inovelli switches.

Providing a few more details about your wiring and the fan model/light might help narrow this down.

Yes they are!

With that being said, @Bry has some good suggestions. My fan mentioned above is a fan that has a built in controller so I didn’t have the option of bypassing it thus needing the fan switch. If your fan doesn’t have a controller built in, then take a look at the above suggestions.

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Crap. How did I not know that, lol . . .

Just a thought, but most Modern forms have wifi drivers that can be controlled locally (atleast with smartthings) and have their own wall switches that will keep in sync to control light and fan. I have two of these that I control by voice, switch or app and it all stays in sync. You might have already thought of that but just in case. Still buy the inovelli though, just use it for something else!

Mine doesn’t have that, it came with a bluetooth remote, but I had to use pre-existing switches.

But I figured out how to make it work! I had to put the line and load into the line, then wire up the neutral, and everything worked as expected.

I still have to do the other bedrooms, but it’s working awesomely in the office so far.