ZigBee/Matter Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series)

Thank you very much! Your explanations were good, I just didn’t catch on that the solution that you had pictured wasn’t viable anymore.

I’m still waiting to get my Home Assistant setup installed and very much looking forward to putting in all of my Blue series switches. I wish you success and good luck on expanded products.

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Are there any plans for a combined fan/light control like the current Red Series product? None of my fans have a place for two switches in the current j-box, and I really am not looking forward to replacing 6 j-boxes in the house (currently they are controlled with an Insteon FanLinc and a Insteon KeypadLinc). In addition, at least two of the fans are only wired with a single pair of wires, so I don’t have separate control wires for the light and fan. Most of them were just ceiling lights at one point, so whoever wired them initially only ran hot, neutral, and ground.

I’m thinking I should have purchased 6 of the Red fan controls while they still existed… :slight_smile:

Hopefully sometime soon but time will tell.

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I can’t find the answer anywhere in this thread, but will these work with low startup current exhaust fans like the Panasonic Whisperquiets? I assume so since it has a neutral?

They should! It’s more about the switch handling motor loads and the whisper quiet should definitely be minimal load.

I have 3 rooms with something like scenario #2. There is 1 switch with 5 wires:
(the fans connections to the wires also plays a role into the behavior of the switches. Adding complexity.)

To keep it simple, I was planning on getting a blue-series FAN switch and a Zigbee light bulb in the fan. The Inovelli blue FAN switch would control the fan motor, and then I would program a couple virtual switches in the Blue Series to control (on/off/dim) the lights. (I am hoping that smartBulb or scenes can allow this to work?)

If you notice any issues or have suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

I think it’s been asked a couple of times and we still don’t have a solid answer as to which color paddle we should be ordering for these switches. Let us know! Thanks!

Is white already a given? That would be my vote for color.

I just wanted to say I’m super excited about this product! We have three fairly basic Hunter fans installed in our place. But I’m short (and have disability/health issues) so turning off/on and controlling speed is always a pain. I’ve been considering the Lutron series but haven’t been able to convince myself it’s the best option. Having your product as an alternative that will not only turn off/on but control speed would be a dream! And with Hubitat able to expose to HomeKit…awesome. And also super happy to see that these will support Matter!

I’ll have to check our actual wiring but I know our main living area just has a single fan switch with no lights, which should work fine and the two bedroom fans have separate light and fan power switches. I currently have smart bulbs in one of the fans already so might not need to do more there.

Just out of curiosity, whereas the pull chair has three set speeds, I noticed you mentioned two wires that should be available to control speed. Does this mean that speed controlled by the switch would be more variable (like a dimmer for speeds) or will it also have three set speeds like the pull chain? I don’t honestly mind that much either way (certainly not a dealbreaker) but I’m curious how it will work.

If I can help test these at all, please let me know as I’d be most happy to!

For directly attached ‘dumb’ fans, it is three speeds. For ‘smart’ fans it will be levels 0-100

Great question – there will be a dedicated fan paddle. Unfortunately it has a longer Air-Gap than the other switches, so we couldn’t share tooling with the 2-1’s.

I will add the variation to the site shortly.

Awesome! Happy to be in your consideration set, that means a lot!

Great question – @mamber summed it up perfectly.

Initially you’ll have to pull the chain to set the fan on the highest speed, but once you do that and install the switch, you’ll be able to set the fan to low-med-hi from either the switch, remotely or via voice control if applicable.

Thanks for volunteering! We’re at the end stages of testing these, but if there’s any other projects you’re interested in testing in the future, let me know!

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How is everything going with these? Are you still on track for April/May?

Great question! As far as I’m aware, yes we should still be on schedule. We do have a call on Thursday where I should be getting an updated timeline if things change.

I know there were rumblings of the MG24 having longer lead times, but we placed the order back in January so I don’t think it will affect this batch.

Ping me if I don’t give an update by EOD Thurs!

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Will do and thanks for the quick response. I only needed to order 5 of these, but they will certainly fill a large void in my setup at home. I’m looking forward to these.

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Hi, I’m looking for a smart switch to control a 120V AC, 2A, 196W duct booster fan.
I would like to be able to turn the fan on and off, as well as adjust the speed.
Is this something that could be done with this planned switch?
I could not find a max watt, amp or HP rating.
All the other switches I could find were to adjust a 3- or 4-speed fan.

Did you mean 120 VAC or is this a DC fan that is feed 120VAC and stepped down to DC?

Sorry, my mistake, I corrected the post. It is an AC fan, Fantech FT 10XL.

Their datasheet I just found lists 2.24A, on the website I found it lists 2A so not sure which it is.

It is NOT a smart fan


Yeah, their power specs are a little wonky. Looking at the data sheet you posted, 2.24A @ 120VAC is NOT 190W, it’s 269W.

In any event, the Blue Fan switch is rated at 120VAC @ 2.5A (300W). So your specs are under the published max. I don’t think the fan switch has been tested with a duct fan, but that shouldn’t be any different than a bathroom or ceiling fan.

Quick update – conservatively speaking, this is looking more like a May / June release now as we are not expected to get the MG24 samples until the first week of April as the firmware engineer has been working on fixing the Blue 2-1 switch firmware while also finalizing the Z-Wave 2-1 (which is done now).

This is, unfortunately, the downside of having only one firmware engineer :confused:


Thanks for the reply, and yes their power ratings are all over the place.

One more question.
Does the blue fan “switch” allow me to control fan speed or does it just turn the fan on and off?

I’m asking since I don’t see speed control mentioned anywhere on the product website.


It is either on/off or 3 speeds.