LED Effects with Inovelli Blue and Zigbee2MQTT/Home Assistant

I got my first Inovelli Blue setup in Zigbee2MQTT. Got the switch bound to some Hue Bulbs and created a scene controller in Home Assistant for multi-tap.

What is the procedure for setting LED effects? I found several sets of instructions for ZHA, but none for Zigbee2MQTT. The device page on the Inovelli Blue within Z2M says to post MQTT like:

{"led_effect": {"effect": "chase", "color": 11, "level": 90, "duration": 255}}

When I post, nothing happens.

If I try to set the led_effect effect, color, level, and duration in the Z2M ‘exposes’ tab in the UI, I get a ‘No Converter available for led_effect’ error message


I am getting the same error message and having the same problem.

It looks like the led effect is not exposed via mqtt. Tagging @nathanfiscus

I get the same on my end too even with the updated converter mentioned here.

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Yea, I just finished looking at/loading that improved file too hoping that it also addressed LED issues. The energy/power counters are working now at least :frowning:

I too am having a problem trying to send effects via Zigbee2MQTT.

No converter available for ‘led_effect’ ({“effect”:“slow_blink”})

People are mentioning the PR to fix energy reporting, but there was another PR to address the LED effects: https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters/pull/4802

It was merged into zigbee-herdsman-converters a few days ago, so you can either download the inovelli.js file directly from that the repo, or wait until the monthly release of Z2M comes out in a few days.


great! thanks for the information!

It seems like there’s a more “UI-based” way to set LED effects if using ZHA (see example here). Is this something that could be added to the Z2M integration at all? Where would that type of request go?

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I made a script setting LED effects in Home Assistant for Z2M.

It also has all of the new effects for firmware 2.05.

The new effects also require the newest zigbee-herdsman-converters too.


@zanix very cool! i think I saw you post someplace about potentially converting this to a blueprint, is that true?

Yep, I said that on the Home Assistant forums and once I have some extra time I will do so.

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Here is the blueprint