LED GU10 not dimming

I’m using LZW31-SN Red on Single Pole and LED GU10 Philips (Google and the DIM function doesn’t seems to work.

I wonder if anyone is using GU10 LEDs and what brand?

I’m not familiar with these bulbs, but according to this, the Philips GU10 isn’t dimmable.

My LED isn’t exactly the ones on the link, but I’m sure they are dimmable.

Anyone using GU10 LED with Inovelli?

Yes, I’m using these with a Red series dimmer non-neutral and a bypass they work great.

What bypass are you using?


Do you also have the dimmer function working?
I was wondering if the Aeotec bypass will solve all the problems I’m having.

I know you said they don’t dim, but what is the behavior? Do they turn on and off, just no dimming? If they turn on, does it seem to be a full brightness?

What hub are you using?

Neutral or non-neutral?

It doesn’t dim. Its always seems to be on 100%. The LED is Philips but I don’t have the model.

I’m using Neutral

I’ll buy another dimmable GU10 to test.

You didn’t say what hub you were using, but go into the switch’s settings and make sure that Smart Bulb Mode is NOT turned on.

I’m using smartthings. The Smart Bulb is set to Off.

About the Aeotec, is this the one that you use? https://inovelli.com/aeotec-bypass/
This one says on the manual that it only works with Aeotec dimmer…

Yes, that is the one. It really just a resister in a protective jacket. It solved all of my issues. It should be installed across the neutral and load at the fixture. I find it odd, that you you see no change when trying to dimm, at the least the bulb should cut off at a certain level (if non dimmable). Does the led on the switch change when you hold the paddle up or down?

I just bought the bypass. Will arrive in about a week.
I’ll post in here the results.