Solved - Red Series humming with dimmable GU10

My red series is causing my bulbs GU10 to hum and I couldn’t find a compatible bulb for it. Any recommendations?

I’m using the bar fixture with 4 heads of these

My bulbs are these: Link

Do you have the link to the bulbs?

Philips 468132 Led 50W GU10 Glass Bright White (3000K) 6 Pack, LED Bulbs - Amazon Canada](

So my understanding with buzzing is it’s typically an issue with compatibility between the bulb and dimmer type. Not seeing any info on what those bulbs support, but the Inovelli Red Series use MOSFET leading-edge dimmers and will work with MLV but not ELV transformers.

I’m not seeing any GU10 bulbs in the compatibility chart yet though (if you want to add yours to it as not compatible, that would also help!) - Resources | Compatible Bulb & Fan List (App)

I see here that the Philips 468124 Led 50W GU10 Glass Bright White (3000K) worked for someone, though, this thread talks about some of the Philips bulbs not being considered dimmable.

Alternatively, @waffles2 I saw you had some GU10 bulbs from this thread, don’t suppose you know the bulb models?

What I’m trying to find is any compatible gu10 bulbs, otherwise I’ll have to remove the switch cause the humming is very annoying.
Inovelli should do a better job in providing support to the products. I have a product to dim bulbs that is it compatible with any bulb… it’s disappointing

It’s not that simple. Certain LED bulbs are more compatible with certain dimmers, as the technology used in them varies. Some dimmers are compatible with more bulbs than others, but at the loss of features and capabilities.

What smart dimmer are you referring to that “is compatible with any [LED] bulb”?

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I’m using Red Series: Red Series Dimmer Switch | Z-Wave | Inovelli

I understand that certain LED bulbs are more compatible with others, etc. But tell me 1 compatible LED bulb with my switch? If GU10 is not an option tell me any other LED compatible bulb?

You’ll have to check manufacturer specs or try a couple. Find a bulb compatible with Leading Edge, MOSFET technology. I’m guessing that if someone here was using GU10 bulbs, you would have heard back.

That is what I’m asking Inovelli, please share ANY compatible LED GU10 bulb. Is not please advise if I can return the product

After further investigation I found that the buzzing noise was coming from one of the four sockets in the track fixture. After repositioning the socket in the track again the humming stopped.