Light Almond aux switch color mismatch?

Does anyone use Light Almond aux switches? We’re using Light Almond for all our interior switches and I just installed my first aux switch/3 way setup. I purchased a GE 47333 aux switch ( and found that the color of the switch paddle is darker than any of our Claro, Insteon or Eaton screwless wall plates that are “Light Almond”. I have a Leviton Light Almond plate somewhere but haven’t been able to find it. I realize each manufacturers Light Almond is slightly different but this is super noticeable. We have several 3 gangs with one Leviton, one Eaton and one Inovelli Light Almond paddle and they are close enough to Claro/Insteon plates that its not that noticable.

  • Does anyone know a better match for the GE Aux Switch Light Almond color?

(edit: just realized the homeseer aux switches are only “almond”, not “light almond”)

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I have a similar issue with Almond. Ordered both the regular almond and the light almond paddles from Inovelli and neither one of them matches the existing almond faceplates in the house :frowning:

I’m not really a fan of almond anyway and most of the house was converted to white, but there are a few places where almond is needed due to the decor in the room. So it seems like we might need Inovelli to offer matching faceplates for the paddle colors that don’t match (like almond)

The light almond paddles from Inovelli match the Claro and Insteon light almond plates pretty close. I’m a big fan of the Insteon screwless plates - they are a fraction of the price of the Claros (esp on sale) and are well made.

At one point I had a bunch of different manufacturers light almond plates and paddles from various companies all lined up and tried to photograph the various differences but it was pretty hard to capture. And once they were on the wall and the sun/lights make shadows you really didn’t notice the slight shade differences. But the GE aux light almond was WAY off.

The various colors of white are all over the place too!

That’s good info! Thanks for the tip :+1: