Light and Fan Switch LZW36 Light Not Working

Currently have one LZW36 installed in my house and works great! Recently received my order of Light and Fan Switches (5x) to wire the rest of the bedrooms in the house. After installing the first switch in the wall and the canopy module, I found that the switch will only operate the fan. I have checked all connections and verified the the light works directly wired to power and with another LZW36. Checking between the light output and ground with my multimeter, I’m seeing an average of 3VAC with spikes of ~15VAC about every few seconds with the switch set on max. Any ideas, otherwise I’d imagine the canopy module is a partial dead on arrival?

Swap in a second canopy unit and see if it works. Might be DOA.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I have already done this with another complete Switch/Canopy to avoid having to pair the module and switch back/forth. Just trying to get the canopy module replaced as it appears DOA and was directed to post here first from customer support.

There are a number of users experiencing issues with the switches not communicating with the canopy. In fact, there is a thread for collecting that data. It might be DOA, but at this point I don’t know how you can tell if it’s DOA or it’s just the switch not connecting with the canopy for the lighting portion. I think for most users the issue is intermittent, so since yours has never worked, I’m leaning toward DOA. Inovelli may want to wait to hear back from the manufacturer about the current issue(s) before proceeding, however.

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