Light and Fan Switch with Haiku L Fans

I want to get Zwave switches to use with Homeassistant. I want one switch turn off/on and dim light and the other switch to turn on/off fans and control speed. What switches would you recommend?

@park13 while the fan is an AC fan I am not sure how it will run on a smart switch. EC motors are built to run more efficiently. It is essentially a permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that incorporates on-board electronics. The added electronics allow an EC motor to combine the best features from both AC and DC motors, and then improve on them. For this reason, an EC motor is in a category of its own. I do not think you will be able to control fan speed and possibly not have dimming if the light is LED and controlled trough the on board circuit.

You may be able to tie it into HA via Bigass fan api (assuming someone has integrated one). Then you’d be able use scenes to control speeds and such. Just a thought.

There’s a local integration with some of their fans here: Big Ass Fans - Home Assistant. If you can get Home Assistant to control your fan with that integration, scene controls should work fine.

Sorry, I should have included this on my original post. There is an integration with HA. Big Ass Fans - Home Assistant

Also I found this Controlling a Haiku fan with a wall switch - Jack Stromberg

Can you recommend a zwave fan and light switch?

With this Big Ass Fans - Home Assistant