Light short, now dimmer switch is on 100% of the time

I have Red Dimmer and its connected to some outside cafe lights. One of the lights broke and the circuit breaker tripped. Now the dimmer is on 100% of the time. I put a multi-meter to the load pin and no matter what state the switch is in, its showing 110v. The LED bar is working fine. I was able to exclude it from Hubitat and I did a factory reset, including pulling the tab a few times, but nothing. Dimmer is always on. Is the switch dead?

Did the smart bulb mode get activated by chance?

The lights were on, there is no smart bulbs, just regular 110v load on Inovelli Red Dimmer, a light got hit my piece of wood (construction worker) and the bulb broke, the circuit breaker tripped. After resetting the circuit breaker, the load side of the switch is always reading 118v, no matter the “state” of the dimmer. The dimmer LED bar seems to be working though.

I tried a different dimmer (pulled from another circuit in my house) and everything works. So I guess the dimmer is gone. Really disappointing in Inovelli. Something like this and you need to buy a new dimmer, never any stock… you need to purchase hot spares like for a NAS.

My suggestion related to Smart Bulb Mode being activated on the dimmer. This forces the load at 100% when turned on; however, if you’re LED is working and the LED turns off, the bulbs should turn off too.

Inovelli has a great warranty, so you should reach out and see if you can get a RMA.

You’re really disappointed in Inovelli because you put 15 or 20 amps through one of it’s switches and the switch failed? Keep in mind that your switch stands between the light and the breaker. So whatever happened to trip the breaker went through your switch first BEFORE it got to the breaker to trip. Unfortunately, smart switches aren’t as forgiving a mechanical ones.