Local Protection mode also disables Zigbee binding

I have my Blue Series 2 in 1 switch hooked up and working through binding with my Zigbee bulbs in lamps, but also wanted to be able to independently control the ceiling light with dumb bulbs from Home Assistant or with the favorites button. Unfortunately, local protection mode on the switch also disables the switch from controlling the bulbs through my binding in Zigbee2MQTT.

Is there any way around this? Or does the functionality have to be added to the firmware? Would love to see this added as currently I have to use smart bulb mode and unscrewed my lightbulbs in the ceiling light so I could use the switch to just control my Zigbee bulbs. I can’t currently control my ceiling light at all.

Thanks for the help!

Anyone using their switches successfully with local protection mode and Zigbee bound bulbs? Any ideas? Or is this functionality not possible with the current firmware?

You should be able to use automations for button press events instead of bindings to control the smart bulbs. Is the ceiling light smart as well or how are you intending to control those dumb bulbs?

Thanks for responding! Zigbee binding provides a faster, more reliable method of controlling smart bulbs that still works if my hub goes down and also allows for the brightness LED bar on the switch to be functional with the bulbs. I have set up other switches using button press events in HA before, but in this case it would defeat the purpose of why I bought this specific switch. I love the LED visual and capabilities of the switch.

The ceiling light is not smart, it is a dumb fixture with three bulbs in it that I’d much prefer to be able to control with the Inovelli switch since the relay is already there that I can use to turn it on and off, rather than buying three more smart bulbs in each of the two rooms I have this setup in.

So for clarity, the switch directly controls the ceiling light, which means local protection also is going to keep you from controlling them?

If that’s the case, I think the next firmware version of the 2-1 will have you covered with the ability to bind the config button to your bulbs and leaving the paddle to control the ceiling lights.

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Yes, enabling local protection disables my Zigbee bound bulbs from being controlled. As for that firmware update, binding to the config button would certainly be a great feature to have, but won’t help my situation. The paddle dims my bulbs and I need the config button to toggle the ceiling light (non-dimmable).

Ideally, it would be great for Zigbee binding to be exempt from local protection so I can bind the paddle to my bulbs without having to lose control of the light that my load from my switch is wired into. How can I do that?

Sorry, backing up a bit, how are you controlling your ceiling lights today? They’re dumb bulbs, but you’re controlling them via the config button?

I can’t currently. Since my paddle switch is bound to the Zigbee bulbs, I had to just unscrew the bulbs in my ceiling light since I didn’t always want it on when the bulbs were on. They can’t currently be controlled by the switch independently.

Ok, but the switch does directly control those bulbs in the ceiling light if it’s not in local protection?

And to follow up, do you need to be able to dim your zigbee bound bulbs or would it work to set them to a specific level?

Yes, that switch controls the ceiling light if not in local protection mode. And yes, dimming is essential for me as the two switches I use are in bedrooms where we dim the bulbs at night. Binding works super great for this. Very smooth and fast!

I can think of a couple possible ways of making this work without having to purchase anything else -

  1. If you are willing to use the config button to control those bulbs, then the new firmware lets you cycle through levels that you can customize. That would make you give up actual ‘real-time’ dimming up/down, but you could still have a few different preset dim levels to toggle between and you’d have the paddle controlling the ceiling lights normally.

  2. You could also use scenes. Yes, this introduces reliance on the hub, but if you’re using HA you’re not cloud dependent and in my experience scenes are going to be pretty close on speed. Not exactly what you’re looking for, I get that, but worth considering depending on your priorities re which button controls what.

If you specifically want the config button to control the ceiling lights, and the paddle to configure the other bulbs through binding, I think you’ve got 2 potential purchases that might work -

  1. Swap the ceiling lights to Zigbee bulbs and bind the config button to those like you pointed out in the OP.

  2. If this is in a ceiling fan fixture, you could wait for the Zigbee canopy module and you’d bind from the config button to that canopy module which in turn would control the lights. That may or may not be an option depending on that fixture.

I’m sure there are some other possible combinations, but those are what’s coming to mind with the requirements/setup you’ve got.

Thanks for helping think through some potential solutions. The first two do compromise on what I had intended the switch to do and the second two involve spending more money, unfortunately.

It would be really great to just use local protection mode without it disabling Zigbee binding. Would love to see that simple tweak added to help a use case like mine, where I am sure I’m not the only user that would appreciate it. I have 4 of the switches set up exactly like this in my house, where I bought them to control my bulbs which we use most of the time, but didn’t want to lose control/functionality of the ceiling lights whenever we do want to use those.

If there’s any way of pushing for that to be added, I would love to submit/request/do whatever I can to help. I just want to be able to keep Zigbee binding functional while in Local Protection mode.