Looking for a fan only switch

Want a separate light and fan switch. I have a 2 gang box and full wiring setup for both and prefer this over the remote control concept.

I thought inovelli has a fan only switch with speed control. Anyone help me?

They currently do not have a separate speed control switch. The LZW36 is the speed control switch with light dim.

That is a giant bummer. I was prepared to do 100% inovelli.

One was in the pipeline, but the project is on hold.

It definitely is, but I’ve just been using the On/Off switches for the fans since my home has a similar set up (double-gang with separate light and fan switches). Having the speed control would be nice, but the On/Off switches still provide all the other features and match the dimmer switches in the same box. We’ll see which ones get upgraded to Fan switches when Project Windy City is completed based on how much I really find myself changing the fan speed (so far it’s not been needed).