Looking for a solution - Fan + Lights on a single 3-way switch

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My problem is in the title - I have a dining room fan, with (3) light bulbs, and they’re all on a single (3-way) switch. Ideally I wouldn’t like to rewire the fan to a separate switch, and I’m looking for alternatives.
I’ve heard that the 2nd Gen switches can support smart bulbs when the switch is off / dimmed. Does this only apply to the dimmers, and would this be a potential solution, or would the power it runs for the lights cause the fan to turn on as well?
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The project below is what you need. The current switch/dimmers wouldn’t work in your application

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You have a few options here. As mentioned, the Project Hurricane switch might work for you, and that is probably your best option. However that switch is not yet available.

For the moment, the big question is where your power is fed. If the power is fed to the switch box, and you only have a single two-conductor wire going to the fan box, then your options are more limited. If the power is fed to the fan box, and you have a single two or three conductor or more conductor wire going from the fan box to the switch, you have more options. In seeing that, we are determining whether the switch box can control one of the loads without controlling the other.

If that’s the case- IE if either there’s 3+ conductor wire (not including ground) going from switch box to fan box, or if power is fed to fan box, then your best bet is make the switch a dimmer that controls the lights, and separately have a Nano Switch Module that turns the fan on/off.
Or you could get a single gang Z-Wave fan control module like HomeSeer’s and smart bulbs or a Nano Dimmer. Either way, you’re having the switch in the box control one load, and the nano module above the fan controlling the other.

However if this is not possible, if power is fed to the switch box and there are only two conductors (IE two+ground) going to the fan box, then the switch in the box cannot control any loads. You will need either two nano modules (one for lights, one for fan motor) or one nano module for the light and smart bulbs. At this point the switch in the box is just a scene controller/transmitter. If the power goes into the box, you could either wire the fan to load (and use Inovelli’s relay disable function to leave the switch always on) or just bridge the fan’s load wire to the hot terminal so it always gets power no matter what the switch does.