LZW-36 Swap Canopy Module

Has anyone tried to figure out how to pair the LZW-36 wall module with a new canopy module? The canopy module looks similar to other options on the market for fans, so I assume the wall switch is just a Z-wave switch and RF transmitter. Curious on the success rate before I start going too far down the rabbit hole.

I have 2 of the LZW’s in the house, but have held off on putting in the 3rd with the canopy issues that I am having with one of them. Figure i can use the 3rd to tinker a little and maybe come up with a solution? Thoughts?

Zero success, because it is custom hardware/firmware by Inovelli. They are also essentially locked out of repairs and firmware modifications, as spelled out ad nauseam in posts here explaining the whole situation in embarrassingly honest explanations…

Hey, let me know if you decide to abandon the switch. Ive been looking for one. I dont necessarily need the canopy to work. I was going to try to make the switch work with my bond bridge maybe. Just wanted to tinker aswell.

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