LZW30 and HomeSeer pairing issue - persistent

See a few of these topics and have tried all the recommended solutions but none are working.

Just purchased an LZW30 (first inovelli product) and cannot connect it to my Homeseer network. I have read a number of threads indicating others have had similar experiences but have not found a solution. I am using the latest version of Homeseer (HS4) and it seems the z wave options may be more limited with this version. Anything i can do, are these returnable if no solution is found?

I just got 2 LZW30 black series on/off switches for xmas myself and I was able to add them to HS4 without any issues. My only problems were the wiring as the box said it can work without a neutral wire but then you find out its only in very specific circumstances and sure enough when I opened my switch inside the box there was no neutral. I just had to pick another spot to install it. Apparently the dimmers can work without a neutral.

Once I had it wired up and working in 3 way, to connect it to homeseer HS4 I just opened ztool+ on my phone, connected to my homeseer instance, clicked add device, then pressed the config button 3 times on the switch quickly. It paired instantly and i setup everything else from there for RGB notifications ect with events.

Try excluding the switch first by tapping remove device in ztool+, then tap the config button on the switch 3 times to exclude it, then re-add it. I did have to exclude the first switch before including it because I think I messed up some of the initial configuration before pairing.

If you can bring your homeseer instance closer to the switch to pair it initially it may help. check your zwave range maybe.