LZW30 - Different LED color when off

The latest update of Hubitat has built in drivers for all inovelli switches. I was surprised to see something in the preferences to specify a different LED color for on and off state. This is not available in the drivers that are provided by inovelli and there’s also no parameter for that in the documentation.

So how does this work?

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I’m interested as well.

I bet they found a way and released the updated code to hubitat since it would directly support them now. Just delete the old drivers and use the built in ones. And I too will have to check this out sounds interesting.

Sounds like a pretty simple automation Ex:
when the light switch state changes to off, use zwave.set_config_parameter to change LED Indicator Parameter to another value (color).

I have something similar set up in Home Assistant to change the LED Indicator color based on my town’s recycling schedule which alternates weeks. Example, change the LED color to green the day before paper/cardboard recycling and yellow for cans/bottles/glass.