LZW30 - Disabling Relay

First off: this seems to be a very flexible, configurable and cost effective switch; big thanks to the Inovelli team!!
Below is my use case and the steps i took with the LZW30, if anyone has suggestions or can tell me what I’m doing wrong please let me know, or if what I’m trying to accomplish isn’t feasible with this switch. Thanks!

Here is my use case:

  1. Ability to switch two lamps on and off from switch on wall (prefer to press up on switch to turn both lamps on and press down on switch to turn both lamps off, regardless of whether lamps are already individually on or off)
  2. Ablity to turn the same lamps on and off individually from the lamp location
  3. Solution must work with Hubitat (prefer z-wave)
  4. Prefer wall switch to have the form factor of a wall paddle switch

From a user point of view:
I would like to walk into my master bedroom and press the switch to turn on two bedside lamps. Then when I am laying in bed and ready to turn out the lamp on my bedside stand I would like to press a button on my bedside stand. In the morning I might not turn the lamp on, but at the end of the day i would like to be able to walk into the room and press the wall switch to turn the lights on. I would think some button controllers and smart bulbs would work in this scenario; a 1-button controller on each bedside stand and a 2-button controller on the wall. I was really hoping to find a 2-button controller that looks like a wall switch and that seems to be a challenge. Z Wave smart bulbs and button controllers are easy to find and work well but smart switches all seem to have a built-in relay that requires the switch to be in one of two possible states: either “on” or “off”. I just want a button controller that doesnt maintain an on or off status so that I can turn it on at the switch, walk over to the lamp and turn it off using a button controller, then walk back to the wall switch and turn it on again. Enter the Inovelli product which advertises that the internal switch relay can be disengaged, I assumed it could be used as a 2-button controller that looks like a wall switch.

Here’s the steps I took when attempting to use the LZW30 like a 2-button controller:

  1. Installed the LZW30 without a load (wire-nutted the line and load wires in the wall and ran a pigtail to the line-in on the Inovelli)
  2. Installed driver code to Hubitat, scanned and found Inovelli, installed Inovelli in Hubitat
  3. Created rule in Hubitat to turn on smart bulbs when Inovelli switch pressed
  4. Tested and confirmed that smart bulbs turn on and off according to LZW30 presses
  5. Disabled the relay using the instructions provided with the switch (press config button 8x; led strip blinks 3x to confirm)
  6. Once the relay was disabled, button presses on the LZW30 no longer recorded in the Hubitat activity log
  7. Enabled the relay by pressing the config button 8x
  8. Button presses now record in the Hubitat activity log and turn on or off the smart bulbs

Again, I am looking for a wall switch that will send a command every time the upper part of the paddle is pressed and will send a command every time the lower part of the paddle is pressed. Can the LZW30 be configured like that?

Thanks for your time!

Good morning @Random and thanks for joining the community and for your support!

Can you confirm which model you purchased? Was it the LZW30 or LZW30-SN (Red Series)?

Reason I’m asking is bc to do what you’re asking requires the Red Series as you will need the Z-Wave Central Scene Command to send the commands to your bulbs after the relay is disabled.

The base model (LZW30) does not have this feature and only has the disable relay on it for protection purposes (prevent people from turning on/off the load).

Hope this helps?

Thank you Eric!
I bought a Red Series switch and will reply again as soon as i receive, install, connect to hub and test. I really appreciate your time!

Cool — Thanks for the support! Let me know once it comes if you need any help setting up. I’m happy to do so!

@Random … have you been able to do any more testing? I’m looking at something similar. Also, what kind of turn on speed are you seeing? I am looking for a switch to match my Leviton’s ‘instant on’.

Re Red Series - Doesn’t the relay have to be disabled in order to use the up and down tapping business. Otherwise the load gets turned on or off with each tap. Or am I missing something.