LZW30 Gen 2. Pros/Cons of using with dumb switch in 3-way

If I install a single LZW30 in a 3-way circuit with an existing dumb switch, what do I loose?
If the dumb switch is toggled, will I see the event in HA?

For a Black on/off- not much. The switch will report to the hub when it’s toggled from the 3way.

What about with a Red on/off?

It’s where you get to the dimmers that there’s a real difference. A companion module (GE/Jasco or HomeSeer) will give you hold-to-dim, dumb 3way won’t.

The other way to do it is with another Inovelli switch- just buy a 2nd switch, include to your Z-Wave network, then on that second switch (but not the first switch) set Parameter 12 to 11. Now associate the two switches to each other with Group 3 and Group 4 (have to add each switch to the other one).

This gets you a. the ability to dim from either location, b. the ability to trigger scene control scenes from either location, and c. the ability to have LED notifications in both locations.
If you do this with on/off rather than dimmers your benefit is scene control from either location and LED notifications.

There’s also an aesthetic aspect- a dumb 3way is either up or down, while a companion module or extra dimmer is a neutral paddle you can tap the top or bottom of just like the main switch.

You should still see the light.LZW30 entity change with the toggling of the dumb switch.

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