LZW30 On/Off Switch Stays Barely On

Hi, absolute novice with home automation here. Have installed about 30 Inovelli on/off switches with minor problems. Have 2 sets of lights that are driving me crazy. I am using Vera Plus firmware 1.7.5186 (7.31).

  1. Pool House flood lights - 2 new 30W LED flood lights installed (replaced halogen). Both lights feed from a single switch. Lights work fine except they will not go all the way off, I would say 5% of less power remains on.
  2. Main House flood lights - 3 new 30W LED flood lights installed (replaced halogen). Lights are controlled from two locations (kitchen & master bedroom). Inovelli LWZ30 in kitchen and standard GE paddle switch in master. All wires are done per the instructions (verified by an electrician). Lights work fine except they will not go all the way off, roughly 5% power remains on.
    I’ve read where you can change the config xml in VERA (Beyond my current level).
    I’ve read where installing a capacitor is the solution.
    I’ve read where I should change to a different controller. (Not what I want to do at this point).

Suggestions? Guidance? Please keep in mind I am on training wheels here and appreciate any assistance!


It sounds like you need a bypass at the light to bleed off leaked voltage.

Seems the same for the other light as well. I don’t know anything about Vera so i can’t speak to it’s settings, but I don’t think the controller is the issue. The capacitor you mentioned is the bypass.

Better be a neutral with On/Off switch.

Aeotec Bypass or new bulb should resolve the issue.

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Yeah, what was I thinking? Fixed it . . .

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Thanks again - Ordered the capacitor and installed them yesterday - still ghosting. Any other suggestions?

How did you install it? Pictures?

Currently have the inovelli switches out and trying GE switch… bad electrical storms going through our area so I have stopped all electrical work. Will send pictures once I can get back to this project.

Thank you!