LZW30 or Smart Switch S2

I’ve been adding about 10 or so of the LZW30 switches to my hubitat over the last couple of weeks. The first (5 or so switches ) added, when I went into Z-Wave discovery it would automatically assign it under type as “Inovelli Switch LZW30” and under Source would say “User”.

About 2 weeks ago I ran an update on the hub, and I believe it was around this time that it started changing it. Even though these are ALL the same switch I am adding right now, if I add a new LZ30 now to my hub it is automatically selecting “Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Switch S2” under Type, and Source now says “SYSTEM” for all of those that had been added recently.

Wondering why it would be different now? I just assumed that perhaps there was a new driver in the update and it is selecting this newer driver. Functionally it all seems fine. I am about to start adding automatiions now that I’ve got all the lights added as devices (bunch of smart things motion sensors that I’ll use to start automating switches) but wanted to make this sure this was correct.

Thoughts? I can manually go change all the most recently added switches (about 5 of them) to Inovelli Switch LZW30 but if it doesn’t make a different I may just leave them.

The most recent Hubitat update added support for Inovelli switches and dimmers. These drivers are written by the Hubitat engineers, and not just the Inovelli supplied ones. They are generally simplified features, more uniform with features of other native switches. The differences are more noticeable with the scene (“Red”) switches, than the basic (“Black”) switches.

I suspect that even though you have the user added drivers, the discovery processes prefers the system supplied ones, which is why your newest adds are using the system drivers.

You can easily switch back and forth between the different drivers for comparison. You do not have to remove and re-add the switches. On the device page, go to the “Type” drop down, select the driver you wish, and click “Save Device”. Once the page has refreshed, click the “Configure” button near the top, then “Refresh”. I’m not sure the “Configure” step is necessary, but it’s what I do.

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