LZW30 - reading commands from Home Assistant with relay off?

I have the base model on/off switch and I’ve turned off the relay so that the thing it’s wired to is always on. How can I get Home Assistant to interpret the up and down commands as being pressed? For example, the LZW31-SN dimmer with scenes sends scene commands, where 2 means up and 1 means down, and 7680 means 1x taps, 7860 means 2x taps, etc. The LZW30 doesn’t have scenes though. So what message is sent when I tap up once? Or down?

Hey @zeekaran – sorry to resurrect this thread a year later, but I’m going through the forum to clean it up a bit.

Were you ever able to figure this one out?

Yes! All good now. A lot has changed since then in HA, including going through three total Z-wave managers, and the commands going from opaque/arbitrary numbers like 7680 to just 1 through 5 representing the tap amounts. Then I got it all figured out in NodeRed.

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