LZW30 - Single Pole - Turning On by itself shortly after being turned off

I have the LZW30 with firmware 1.21 wired in a single pole-neutral configuration to three - 3 watt LEDs. I installed the switch about a week ago. Tonight, after turning the LZW30 switch off, the light is now turning on to full intensity by itself (between 2 to 30 seconds after being turned off), except the switch doesn’t think it is on. More specifically, when the light turns on automatically, the off button on the switch doesn’t work unless you first hit the on button and then turn it off. Similarly, Hubitat is reporting the switch as being off (after the light turns on automatically), so I need to turn the switch on and off remotely as well.

For completeness, like described in some of the other threads here, the LEDs glow dimly when the switch is turned off. I’ve cross posted this issue in a thread that appears to be trying to solve the “wont’ turn completely off issue”

The glow problem is caused by leaked voltage which is causing LED bulbs with a very low threshold to remain dimly lit. The typical solution is to either use different bulbs or install a bypass to bleed off the leaked voltage below the “turn on” threshold. A test would be to temporarily swap out for incandescent bulbs to see if that satisfies the problem.

Not sure about the turning back on issue, although there have been issues with the opposite effect where adding to the load resolved the problem. It sounds as if the MCU in the switch doesn’t know the light went back on, which is why Hubitat doesn’t have the proper status and why you have to press up first.

Can’t say for sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me if resolving the glow problem with different bulbs or a bypass also solves the “back on” issue.

I’ve installed the Aeotec bypass and that seems to have solved the issue

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