LZW30-SN (2x) not responding to inclusion requests

I recent upgraded my Hubitat to C-8. All my previous attempts at firmware updates on the Inovelli(s) on C-7 had failed, so, I decided to give it another run on the new C-8.

Sequence of events

  1. On a LZW30-SN, update firmware using C-8 | App = Firmware Updater
  2. The process takes 90 minutes and then finishes
  3. Once Done, the device works fine & responds to hubitat interactions
  4. Stops working after a few hours, automation starts to fail
  5. Tried excluding, did not work, had to force remove
  6. Tried inclusion, did not work
  7. Did the 20 sec factory reset
  8. Re-tried inclusion, did not work
  9. Switch works manually, led responds (factory reset/inclusion/exclusion)
  10. Many airgaps included in the above after step 4

As if one failure was not enough, I tried a second switch and landed the same situation - yes, I know, I should not have. :slight_smile:

Any advise on how to revive these switches.

I found a couple of devices in Zwave Details that are in PENDING status. I am not able to remove them. Are these unresolved references to these devices causing my problem with not being able to exclude or include them?

[sys:1] 2023-03-05 07:10:13.453 PM
[info] Failed node 4F remove status: 
0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list

[sys:1] 2023-03-05 07:07:03.255 PM
[info] Failed node 56 remove status: 
0 SDK failure node is no longer in failed node list

Update: Turns out this is due to the “PENDING” / “ghost” devices in the zwave details. On one of the switches, I was able to hit “refresh”, cause it to surface the “remove”, and then remove it. After that inclusion worked on that switch. Glad it was not some threads have referred to as “bricked” :slight_smile:

Now, I have a situation, where I have two “ghosts”, any amount of “refresh”, “remove” or even “reboot hub”, “refresh”, “remove” and even “remove” while air gapped, is not working.

How long does a “ghost” live in PENDING state? Any other ideas?

You might want to research the Hubitat community. There are many threads there that discuss Hubitat and its ghosts.