LZW30-SN Confusion

I have a LZW30-SN setup in a 3 way config with a GE Aux switch. I have the switch direct z-wave associated to 3 Ilumin bulbs. Main switch works the bulbs fine. No issues there. But the Aux switch does nothing whatsoever.
Am I correct in assuming that control is not possible using an add on switch? Or is it possible, and I need to investigate wiring, settings, etc?

AFAIK, the Aux only sends communications for things the switch can do physically. Things like scenes, direct association, etc can’t be triggered from the Aux. @harjms is running under Hubitat so he can confirm.

Yeah not worried really about scene control. I was thinking a aux switch could still control on/off in a smart bulb config. But I’ve done so many switch installs/setup/swapping/general HA work the past week I think everything is starting to blur together. Lol

It should work. I don’t have a 3 way setup but if I remember tomorrow I’ll test it out.

@harjms Any chance you were able to test this out?

Sorry @nunkistein I did not get a chance to test. I spent yesterday updating to 1.52. My office (with z wave bulbs) is load only. However I have extra bulbs on the shelf. I’ll configure my dining room light (most others are cans) tomorrow with a dimmer in associations.

No need to apologize! I just thought I would check in and ask while i was on here browsing.
I spent A LOT of time updating all of mine to 1.52 (Then ultimately ended up discovering an issue and had to revert back to 1.51 on a couple of them. Thats alot of time i’m never going to get back lol)

@nunkistein - Just want to verify. On/off switch correct, not dimmer?

Correct. LZW30-SN on firmware 1.21

Okay, I had to use a LZW30 model. I don’t have a 3 way connected to my -SN switches. I can turn on the bulb from the AUX switch, but I cannot turn off the bulb from the AUX switch. Everything else functions correctly from the smart switch as designed.

Firmware 1.19 of the switch.

There was a red dimmer in the same spot using the same Aux switch. Illumin bulbs direct associated. SMB on.
Worked perfectly.
Just recently bought a few of the red switches and took out the dimmer for use else where, and put in one of the new switches. I’m going to have to look everything over, again, and see what, if anything, could be causing this to go screwy.

@EricM_Inovelli - Tagging Eric as he may know if it is doable with the current firmware versions or not.

TL;DR - I was able to turn bulb on from Aux switch, but wasn’t able to turn off. @nunkistein doesn’t appear to be able to turn on/off from Aux switch.

The functionality is supposed to be there, but I’ll have to check to see. It may be a bug in the on / off firmware if it isn’t working correctly.