LZW30-SN - Disable local switch turn off?

Hello there. Sorry for posting two times in one day! But this is my last question =)

So I have two LZW30-SN, both controllers a Bond smart light/fan. I wanted to see if it was possible to disable turning OFF the LZW30 from the local switch, so I can use one-tap up/down to turn the light on/off and not have to do double-tap? It’s not a big deal, but I can see someone in my family just pressing down once, instead of twice, and it turns off the whole switch.

Thanks again =)

“Disable Local Control” in the device’s settings page.

I did see this, but i wasn’t sure if that would disable using the switch all together or not. I’ll give it a try =) Thank you!

Are you using scenes on the LZW30-SN to control the fan speeds through Bond? I’d like to do this with mine. I got the LZW31-SNs which might not be the right switches for this since there is no actual dimming. I could always use them somewhere else and get LZW30-SNs