LZW30-SN | Firmware v1.22 (beta) appears to have bricked z-wave radios

I updated the firmware on three of my red series on/off switches to 1.22, and all of them stopped being reachable by my hub after initially working for a bit (I think). I deleted one of them to exclude and re-include, but the radio does not seem to be working at all.

I have:

  • Airgapped the switch several times
  • Factory reset the switch several times
  • Attempted to exclude the switch using a hubitat hub, a smartthings hub (separate z-wave network), and a Zooz S2 switch (connected to the hubitat network)
  • Attempted to include the switch using the above
  • Attempted to include using the QR code via hubitat and smartthings

All controllers are in the same room as the switch and <10 feet away.

When entering pairing mode to include or exclude, the status light always indicates a failure (flashes red momentarily), even when trying to exclude. I have never had this happen before with any z-wave device, as exclusions should get processed regardless of whether the switch sees itself in the same or a different network.

Any ideas what I can do? I’m afraid I’ve fully bricked these switches.

Hard to say at this point, but a couple questions:

What did you use to flash?

What file did you flash and from where did you get it from?

Have you previously flashed this version successfully to other switches?

I’ve flashed a number of LZW30-SNs with 1.22 without issue, so something strange going on your end.

I would try (another) factory reset followed by a general exclusion via ST or the PC Controller if you are using that. Not sure what will happen since you are getting that red flash during exclude/include.

And just to clarify, for each you were initially able to add them to a hub after flashing and they later failed?

Problem resolved itself somehow. I took a walk to clear my head and when I came back the switches were able to be excluded / included again. Did not change a thing from before, but at least it’s resolved.