LZW30-SN Firmware Version Shows As 1.9

I have 7 LZW30-SN switches. I noticed that 3 of them show a firmware version of 1.9 and the other 4 show a version of 1.22. I assumed that 1.9 was the current version but was unable to find it on the website. I also noticed that my switches that have version 1.9 only go up to parameter 12 in the configuration whereas the ones running 1.22 have parameters 13 and 51 in addition to the ones in version 1.9. I tried to “upgrade” version 1.9 to version 1.22 and Home Assistant reports success but after a restart, I still see version 1.9 and still missing the additional parameters. I had not previously updated the firmware on any of my LZW30-SN switches. Any ideas how I should proceed?

Reinterview the node to get the new parameters.

FYI in ST I think I saw 1.19 show up as 1.9 at least once.

I just installed an LZW30-SN that I just ordered from Inovelli (refurbished since that was all that was available) and in Home Assistant it is showing as having firmware 1.9. I’ve reinterviewed it, restarted the zwave js integration, even restarted all of HA. No change. Anybody figure out what is going on with this? The switch appears to be operating correctly but it would be nice to know what is going on with the versioning.

You can easily update to 1.22. Upload to target 0. Takes 10-15 min.


I don’t remember for sure, but it’s possible 1.9 was the original shipping firmware version on the first batch of this hardware (the first version of a firmware update I can find is 1.16, not super far ahead). It should be noted that in traditional software/firmware versioning, 1.9 is equivalent to 1.09 and would thus come before 1.16, i.e., the numbers are to be read independently and not as a traditional decimal like you’d find in math. Some hubs will “pad” the version with zeros to eliminate this confusion, but some won’t. Parameter 13 was added in 1.17 and parameter 51 in 1.19, so you’re at least not on (or after) any of those.

Since Home Assistant relies on some integration/component for Z-Wave, what are you using? OpenZWave or ZWaveJS are two built-in options, with most newer installs probably using the latter. If you’re using ZWaveJS2MQTT as an add-on instead of just the built-in ZWaveJS integration, you can use the ZWaveJS2MQTT UI to check the firmware version without relying on whatever you’re seeing in whatever part of the Home Assistant UI you’re looking in. It’s possible your update failed, but I couldn’t say why; this would at least let you check a version report from the device to verify. (Incidentally, I have used ZWaveJS2MQTT, with success, to update a few of mine; what you used is also not clear.) Z-Wave PC Controller could also tell you, and if you have a USB Z-Wave stick and a Windows PC to plop it into, you can do so without really disturbing your HASS network at all (once you put it back).


I assume you’re using zwaveJS2MQTT because the other zwave integrations don’t do OTA updates?

What steps did you use to update exactly?

That would make sense - didn’t occur to me that this was likely a display formatting issue for HA. Thanks.