LZW30-SN Hubitat driver issue since 5/25

@EricM_Inovelli, I updated the driver code today and my switches are reporting state changes to Hubitat but since the update they are not receiving commands from Hubitat any longer. I shutdown the hub and unplugged it for a minute before I noticed that it was updating on the hub if switched manually, but still it wouldn’t accept on/off commands. Then I remembered that I had updated the driver earlier and happened to have an old version’s code still and put that on and my switches are working again.

Also I see that the changes in yesterdays version where for determining whether to send secure or not, mine are unsecured as they are on a C-3 hub.


@Terk What is the firmware version of your Hubitat hub?

@EricM_Inovelli , it’s still on as it’s been very stable and most of the changes since then have been focused on the C-5 and C-7 hubs.

Hmmm, I believe the problem is that the older Hubitat firmware doesn’t support the “zwaveSecureEncap(cmd)” command. The Hubitat developers added this function to simplify the communication between secure and non-secure devices. I was told that a firmware update would soon break the older method of sending commands and to start using this one now. Here is info on how to program z-wave drivers according to Hubitat’s recommendation:

[GUIDE] Writing Z-Wave Drivers for S2 - Developers - Hubitat

Ok, I’ll probably try updating my hub to the latest firmware this weekend.


I found the time last weekend to update my hub to which ended up hanging on reboot so I had to soft reset it then after it booted, restore the previous night’s backup and then it was working again. I then updated to the current Inovelli drivers again and everything is working fine. Thanks.

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