LZW30-SN Multi Tap not working

I have 4 LZW30-SN switches that all stopped working at the same time.
Multitap used to work to trigger various scenes however they stopped recently. The LEDs colors and patterns still works as designed. When I try press a button more than once it turns on/off the light on the first press, the additional taps do nothing.

1 of the 4 switches shows ‘Node Stats’ as dead and cant be controlled from the app. All other switches continue to follow HA and Node-Red automations and work from the app.

These worked perfectly on ST for 3 years, I recently moved them to HA and they worked great for a year. Im relatively a noob to HA so not sure how to start troubleshooting this. Any advice would be great.

Try toggling param 51 (instant on) back and forth. You want it to be disabled (1). Also, do you see the multi taps in the central scene view?

That worked!

Thank you.

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