LZW30-SN On/Off Switch and ISY 994i

I purchased the above switch from Amazon, read all the provided instructions and used the ISY Add/Include a Z-Wave device to my system. It showed up in my device tree as 4 separate items. I’m familiar with that so it wasn’t an issue. After installation I used the “Heal Z-wave Network command. Next I checked the RF signal to the switch and got a green light. I turned the controlled light on / off a few times from local control. Everything worked fine. I cycled it a few times from the ISY console and it worked but seemed slow. (About 10 seconds between initiated a command and the light actually changing stated. After a few of these I got a “Cannot communicate” error message.
Even though I was within 20 feet of my ISY Z-wave, I thought perhaps moving to a different box would solve the problem. After moving I once again “Healed” the network. Same results. I removed the switch and took it to my test bench. Created a simple test setup using a test light and patch cord to allow plugging the LZW30 into an outlet. The switch now worked flawlessly from the ISY console. No lag between command and activation. My test bench is 6 feet away from my ISY. I thought perhaps, even though I had indication of a good RF signal, that the switch was defective. I contacted Amazon and they sent out a replacement. I bench tested this one and it worked fine. I then took it to an outlet about 20 feet away from my ISY. Once again it failed. So maybe on the wrong side of the circuit? For my next test I used a 20 foot extension cord and plugged the LZW30 into an outlet on my test bench. As long as the LZW30 was on the bench it worked fine. Moving it 15 feet away and it failed again.
At this point I gave up on Inovelli and sent both switches back for a refund. I’ll keep watching this board to see if someone successfully connects them to an ISY (UD994 v.5.0.15A)

I dont have an ISY 994i, so I cant provide much in the way if input, but I am curious:
Did you use the “Heal” command every time you moved the switch? I have run into problems in the past (with all my zwave devices, not just Inovelli) where my devices are slow to respond after healing. I found a few articles online that suggested healing the network can take 10+ minutes and pretty much uses up the entire zwave bandwidth. Did any other zwave devices respond slowly during the same timeframe?

I didn’t attempt to access any of my Insteon or Z-Wave devices until I got the message “Z-Wave network healed”. I only have three other Z-Wave devices and they responded properly.

Have you upgraded your ISY994i Zwave dongle to Zwave plus?
The ISY has more control options at it’s disposal with the Zwave plus dongle, also you should be running your ISY on firmware version 5.16 (RC1), this version has fixed some bugs that the ISY had with Inovelli switches.

The issue is not the Inovelli Dimmers.

I just deployed a ton of them and I made the mistake of using an ISY994i-ZW+ at first, which, as of this writing, is NOT Z-Wave Certified. It’s being marketed as Z-Wave Certified, but it’s not. The Universal Devices “add on” Z-Wave modules are not Z-Wave certified either. I believe the original ISY994 was Z-Wave Certified, but it wasn’t Z-Wave Plus and it’s no longer marketed.

I abandoned the ISY, factory reset all of the Inovelli devices and installed a Homeseer Zee Controller. It’s not perfect or elegant but it worked well.

The home is 7000 square feet and the Controller was able to easily include every Inovelli Device without missing a beat. I can also push all of the parameters to the devices via the GUI and update the device firmware OTA, but I hope I never need to update the firmware.

Any updates on this topic? I have researched related topics on this forum and UD forum and it appears the certification has nothing to do with the issue, yet the issue still exists.

Reference: https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/29560-zwave-failing-to-add-inovelli-switch/

I am experiencing the same issue with joining Inovelli Red and Black series switches with ISY where is says it didn’t join securely and when operating the switches I get the “Cannot communicate with…” message.

I attempted to join the switches using a “test box” so that the switches were within inches physically with the ISY hub. My final configuration is 3-way toggle dumb switch and using neutral.