LZW30-SN - Red Series ON-OFF Switch Recognized as Z-wave Secure Switch

I got my first three Red series ON/OFF switches from Amazon, and installed them. One of the switches got recognized as “Z-Wave Switch Secure” while the other two were recognized as Inovelli Red Series Switch.

The two switches recognized as Inovelli are running FW 1.09, and have the Raw Description as below:

zw:Ls type:1001 mfr:031E prod:0002 model:0001 ver:1.09 zwv:6.04 lib:03 cc:5E,6C,55,98,9F,22 sec:70,85,59,86,32,25,72,5A,5B,73,75,7A role:05 ff:8701 ui:8701

The one switch that gets recognized as Z-Wave Switch Secure, are running FW 0.00, and has the Raw Description as below:

zw:Ls type:1001 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00 cc:5E,6C,55,98,9F,22

Does this mean I got one from an older batch of Red Series? What are my options from here? This is my first time dealing with Z-wave in general, and Inovelli products in particular.

Interesting find.

I just purchased a LZW30-SN from Amazon as well and mine matches running FW 1.09 as well, and gets recognized as an Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN. The listing was advertised as a Z-Wave Plus switch, which doesn’t appear to be what was shipped.

I ordered about 30 switches and had a few switches show up as secure dimmer and zwave switch instead of the Inovelli Red Series Switch. I will have to check firmware versions.

Looks like the ones that didnt show up correctly are also
zw:L type:5E26 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00

@kvkalidindi – could you let me know what Hub you’re using?

I’ve noticed this on SmartThings, but honestly we’re not sure why this is happening. The short answer we’ve discovered is that these switches are S2 Certified and SmartThings doesn’t support S2, so if you look in IDE, it either pairs as, “S2_FAILED” or “S0_DOWNGRADE” or something like that.

No, I can promise you that all the switches are Z-Wave Plus, S2 Certified and SmartStart enabled. What you can try doing is removing the device and try pairing it again as the raw description (that shows all 0000’s means that it didn’t include properly).

We’re still working with ST on the issue, but honestly it doesn’t seem high on their priority list.

@EricM_Inovelli – just wanted to see if you could chime in here too as I’m 99% sure this is a ST issue with pairing, correct?

Thanks @Eric_Inovelli. You are correct that the switch showed up as Z-wave Switch Secure, when, as you say it might have “failed to include properly.” I am using a SmartThings Hub v3, and adding the switch using the SmartThings Classic app.

As per your hypothesis about a flawed inclusion, I removed the switch on the SmartThings app, reset the switch config, reset the power to it via a hard circuit breaker power off/on. Then I added the switch again on the ST Classic app, and this time, the switch got properly recognized as “Inovelli Switch Red Series”.
Now, all three of my Red switches show up with

Raw Description: zw:Ls type:1001 mfr:031E prod:0002 model:0001 ver:1.09.

I still see that even after being recognized as Inovelli Switch, I see that all of them are showing the following for Data, within SmartThings IDE, showing that they are not recognized as supporting S2:

  • associationGroup1: [01]
  • associationGroup2: []
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE

Hopefully you get the outstanding issues rectified with SmartThings. Thanks for your help!

FWIW, mine paired OK the first time:

Type: Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_DOWNGRADE
    Raw Description zw:Ls type:1001 mfr:031E prod:0002 model:0001 ver:1.09 zwv:6.04 lib:03

Looks like you guys got this all figured out, but I wanted to confirm that occasionally there is a hiccup with SmartThings and inclusions don’t complete properly. I’ve seen this on a few different manufacturer’s devices so I’ve figured it was a SmartThings issue. Often the switch will still work though even with the incomplete inclusion.