LZW30-SN Request Security Keys / Match Security Codes

Hello, I installed a Red Dimmer to control the light to a ceiling fan, and installed a Red On/Off to control the fan itself. I wired everything up, switches work. I was able to get the Red Dimmer added in HE without issue, and it seems to be working fine - at least on/off work via HE. I’m new to all this so I don’t know how to really do anything yet.

When I try to add the Red On/Off switch, HE prompts me:

I went ahead and just hit OK as suggested, and HE further prompts me:

I don’t know what to do here. Or what am I doing wrong, the Red Dimmer didn’t have any of these prompts. Advice?

That is the DSK or Device Specific Key. One of the papers with the switch has a square barcode on it. Below that barcode is the DSK for the switch. You can get the first 5 digits from there.

Thank you for your help with my lack of patience, reading instructions.

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