LZW30-SN switches aren't sending double-tap events

I have a couple of LZW30-SN switches in my house that don’t seem to be sending double-tap events. I’ve used the HA developer tools to watch zwave_js_value_notification events and here’s what I see:

Office switch (Firmware 1.9): Double-tap works properly, sends an event with “value: KeyPressed2x”
Bedroom switch (Firmware 1.20): Double-tap doesn’t work, sends two events with “value: KeyPressed”

The only other difference I can think of is the office switch has the internal relay disabled. I tried disabling the relay on the bedroom switch and it made no difference.

How do I get the bedroom switch to properly send double/triple/etc. tap events?


Check parameter 51, which is the keypress delay. It should be set to 1.

If it’s set to 0, then there is no delay, and scene taps won’t be recognized (except for a single tap up or down, and a config press).

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Bingo!!! You’re a genius! Thank you!

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