LZW30-SN unable to configure locally

I need to get to option 13 to enable my GE aux switch but can’t get the yellow flashing feedback to acknowledge any config setting level above 5. Demonstrated here: https://youtu.be/ltr4dG8KZ4M

My understanding is this should be a drop-in replacement for the Enbrighten switch that was there before (after setting option 13).

What am I doing wrong?

Parameter 13 on the switch pertains to a special setting for certain load types like T-8. I don’t think that’s what you are looking for. Unlike the dimmer, the switch is supposed to auto-detect the type of connection, 2-way, 3-way, etc and autoconfigure.

I’m referring to the included wiring insert:

And on the reverse are the instructions for the GE Aux switch:

And it does not seem to auto detect… when the aux switch is pressed I can hear its relay, but there is no effect.

The 2nd page you posted is for a LZW31 dimmer, not the LZW30 switch. Is that the back side of the first pic you posted? Inovelli has had some problems with their manufacturer and inserts, but please double-check in case you have more than one set of instructions and one is for the dimmer, as it looks like you have several pages of instructions.

Great catch! Pair that with the fact that I have just realized I was not pressing the correct switch (aux switch doesnt make a relay click) and this is solved. Oops!

Unfortunate that the insert was messed up ( yes that was the back of the on/off switch insert I received ), but my mistake takes the cake I think.

Just tested with the correct switch and it does in fact work perfectly.

Many thanks for your help!

Glad you got it going.

@Eric_Inovelli Hosed insert

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Thanks guys – sorry for the confusion. I think what happened was the dimmer insert was put in the on/off box. We’re letting the manufacturer know.

Appreciate you bringing this to our attention!