LZW30-SN Wiring Help

I kind of embarrassed to post this, but it’s not working and I’m not sure what to try next. This is just a basic Single Pole install. Any suggestions are appreciated. I am not allowed to upload a photo as a new user, but my wiring matches the install documentation for a Single-Pole installation.

@justinhumiston - When you say it’s not working, does it not power up or the light doesn’t come on?

Okay, single pole install. You have a neutral in your box, yes? Or is this a non-neutral setup?

Does the switch light up or make any lights at all?

Also do you have a voltage tester and/or multimeter?

There is no power at all to the switch or to the lights. I don’t have a voltage tester, but when I put the old switch back in it works fine.

How about the old switch? Does it have 2 screw terminals or 3?

And do you have a neutral wire (white wire) in the switch box?

Try taking a few picture and use imgur.com to upload them. Then paste the links here.

It looks like I can post photos now.

Other switch has 2 terminals plus ground. Neutral in the box.

What you tried swapping the BLK wires? Basically you need to ensure LINE is LINE, but without a tester or pen, it’s a little hard to tell. Are any of the BLK wires connected to your switch going into a bundle with a wire nut? If so, that is LINE.

Also, dumb question, but did you buy this from Amazon or Inovelli website?

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Yes as @harjms said, almost certainly you’ve swapped the two black wires. The one called LINE must be the feed from the circuit breaker panel, the other one which goes to the light fixture must be in the Load terminal.

A dumb switch doesn’t care which direction things flow in- power either flows through the switch or it does not. Smart switches do care because they have to take power to run their own internal circuitry.

Also, a non-contact voltage tester and outlet tester are two things that are very helpful to have. The voltage tester is especially good because after you kill the circuit it will confirm you’ve killed the right one. And right after you take off the switch faceplate, you can use it to determine which of the wires is hot/line- with the switch still in the box, turn the switch off and wave it by the two screw terminals. You should get a reading on one and not the other. One that lights up is Line, one that doesn’t is Load.


That fixed it! Thank you so much for everyone’s help.

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