LZW30 with Veralite UI5

Hi all,

I hope you can help me:

I bought an Inovelli smart switch LZW30. I went for one with the best price during Black Friday. I just needed to turn a regular CFL lamp on and off. No dimmer, no fancy scenes, a simple on/off.
I have a few Lutrons around but the price for those was double. I read good things and a ton of features for Inovelli (and Zooz for that matter) so I went for it.

Have a VeraLite for 8 years now. I know, it’s old, don’t judge :slight_smile:
I was thinking to get something else but for now it’s doing its thing so I march on. Actually I am afraid to switch as I don’t want to screw up my setup so it is even on UI5 (again, no judgement please :slight_smile:

I read the manual, the instruction on the web, and I confidently started.
I paired the switch with my Veralite by keeping them 3 feet apart during the process. (I have a long extension cord and a longer network cable so that was easy)

It looks like the two paired, the “_Appliance Module” showed up and the first thing was something about the “Z-Waze device 23 Failed to setup security. Exclude and …”
I have a screenshot but I am not sure I can post it with my first post.

I am not too concerned about the security as this is a dumb(smart) switch to turn on and off a lamp. Nothing more for the moment, at least. Hence the base model from Inovelli.
I know the switch is a Z-Wave Plus device and my old Veralite is first generation, no Plus, but as we all know and assume, it should be compatible.

I switched Vera to not autoconfigure and that made the security warning go away.
In the Vera UI all looks good now. Turning the switch on and off ends with “transmit was OK”, all green.
But alas, the switch does not react.
Funny enough, if I turn on and off from the switch itself, the status is correctly reported in Vera. Almost instantly.
Of course I excluded and included the switch multiple times in order to see if I can get it right but without success.

I know I should post this in a Vera forum too, but I thought to ask in the “smarter” device community first.

I am relatively experienced, I have a homebridge instance running on a Pi, and I expose the Vera devices to it. All works pretty stable. I believe I have enough devices to have a strong network.
A few other ZWave devices are in proximity.
I have an older Schalge deadbolt that works just fine, with status and all in Vera, and that makes me think that the security issue is not a Vera issue.

Any advice/pointers would be appreciated.


You need to turn Autoconfig to ON or ‘Default’ for the switch to work again.
I just got my switch yesterday and I am still trying to figure out how to set the configuration settings using my Veralite UI5.

I tried that too.
I get stuck at “failed: Getting versions” when I do that.
Let me know if you find a way to get it to work from the web interface (in UI5). The best I could do was to see status changing in UI5 and no errors if you set autoconfigure to “no”

Have you tried pressing the config button for 20sec to factory reset the switch?
I had to this for my switch as it would not pair with my Veralite out-of-the-box.

Yes I did.
And I went through the procedure and got the red light LED at the end. A few times…
I appreciate you trying to help.
I understand you paired with a VeraLite.
Was it on UI5?
I believe that’s there the problem lies.

I would appreciate advice from people with UI5.

Eric from Innoveli got in touch too and told me that he send samples to Mios/Ezlo in order to make the pairing/configuration smoother.

But the problem is that Mios does not support UI5 anymore and any question there comes back with an update to UI7 advice.

I was reluctant to do it as my UI5 works well or at least as well is it can work.
Sure, I am missing features but it is solid and reliable.
I don’t want to make this thread about Vera as it would be the wrong forum to post but I was hoping somebody in the same sinking UI5 boat has some advice

Yes, I am using UI5.
I am also getting the “Failed to setup security” error message, however, it has not prevented the switch from functioning.
Unfortunately, I think you will need to upgrade eventually.
I very much like my veralite but I am considering purchasing a VeraPlus or a Samsung Smarthings Hub.

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