LZW31 and GE 47896... works great, until it doesn't (with Hubitat)

Just getting some Inovelli switches set up and I’m getting some flaky behavior (which I suspect is due to user error during configuration). I have a Red in a 3-way configuration with a GE Aux switch, specifically this one:

The original wiring was Method 1 documented by DIY Smart Home Guy:

The wiring solution is solution C-1:

To configure it I went into configuration mode (hold config button until it turns yellow after 10 seconds), then pressed the config button 13 times, and then pressed paddle up twice. I’m also configuring the dimmer ramp time to 0.

The problem… it kind of works, until it doesn’t. Immediately after configuration both the main switch and the aux switch will turn the light on/off, and dim as well… but eventually I have to press and hold the aux switch to turn the light on, and again press and hold to turn it off (a single tap does nothing). Sometimes the main Red switch doesn’t work at all, then after a little while it starts working again, but dimming is gone. It’s all on or all off.

If I do a factory reset and reconfig, it’s fine for a little while. I’m not sure what causes the problem… it might be sending commands from Hubitat but I’m not sure. Has anyone configured an Inovelli Red in a 3-way with an aux connected to a Hubitat? There seems to be some things that are not covered in the manual (I found about the 13 presses and 2 up presses to configure an aux switch from a video on the Inovelli website, but that is not mentioned in the manual, does anyone know of a complete manual for configuration?)?

Note re: complete manual for configuration… it appears as if there’s multiple versions of the manual floating around out there. The one that pops up on the product page seems to be old and doesn’t include information on a few configuration options. This is the manual that appears to be outdated:

Any luck with the GE 47896? I have a Red switch with both line and load, with the GE switch connected via a traveler. I can turn the light on from the Red and successfully dim/ turn off from either switch, but I cant turn the light on from the GE. Any ideas?

Many folks have found that parameter 22 was not saved even though it was set.

Since you have a Hubitat hub you could:

  1. In the Inovelli driver set Parameter 22 (aks download the Installation type) to 2 (see below)

  2. Download the Hubitat “Basic Z-Wave Tool” from here
    Copy the Basic Z-Wave tool in the “drivers” section of the hub.
    Temporarily replace your dimmer driver with the Basic Z-Wave tool.
    Using the tool you can set the parameter
    22 = parameter to set
    2 = new value
    1 = number of bytes

You can now revert back to the inovelli driver.



Have you configured it for an Aux switch? It won’t work right out of the box. You need to enter configuration mode (press and hold until the LED strip turns yellow), press the config button 13 times, press paddle up twice, and then press and hold the config button again until the LED strip turns yellow.


Thanks for the heads up on that! Is this method any different than setting it directly through the Inovelli drivers (for Hubitat) posted on GitHub? After I posted this I noticed I could set parameters through the driver itself instead of doing all the button pushing.

It should be the same using the Basic tool or the Inovelli driver. However I’ve read some folks have had trouble getting this parameter saved (I don’t recall the conditions). So if changing Para 22 in the inovelli driver and still have issues you could install the basic Z-Wave tool and “read” parameter 22. You will see the read function on the device page, the parameters will be listed in the logs. I guess my thought is if still having functional trouble, reading para 22 and having it be what you wanted then you could move on to something else.


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John, thanks. That’s a good trouble-shooting tool. I reset the switch and went through the setup again. It seems to be behaving. Perhaps I thought I’d set the power mode to non-neutral but didn’t?