LZW31 (Black dimmer) Can I control the LED separately?

I plan on installing a “Black” dimmer in a single “way” with neutral. Should be no issue.

My question is can I use the RGB Led as an indicator for an entirely different device? For instance, stove is on or not all doors are closed etc.

I did read this entry in the manual but I could not find any additional info on the Inovelli website.

Also when I read the LZW31 manual the parameter #'s only go to 17, however I read the Red series goes to parameter 22. I would have thought the Power/dimming section of the Red & Black were the same. Am I missing something?

@Eric_Inovelli the LZW31 manual I downloaded today from your website suggests I go to “www.inovelli.com/lzw31/setup” for additional information. I get a page not found with that link.


It sounds like you are describing the notification feature, which is supported on the Red Series switches.

I also reported the website issue to @nicole on Dec 5th. Hopefully they will be able to get it fixed soon. :blush:


Thanks for the reply. By your response it’s not clear if you are excluding the black series or just commenting on the red series.
Looking at the manual for both series dimmers, it seems the LED control is in parameters 13 to 17 which are the same for both dimmers.


I believe both the Red and Black series dimmer supports LED notifications (it is mentioned as Parameter 16 in the manual for the black dimmer) You theoretically could use this notification LED to show the status of another device, as long as your hub/setup is capable of changing parameter values based on whatever automations you set up. A couple things to keep in mind though:

  • Pressing the config button 2x will clear the notification LED light, and it will go back to its normal behavior
  • Although you can send a value to Parameter 16, you cannot reliably read a value from it. If you tell the switch to blink red rapidly for 10 seconds by sending value 50989569, that value will remain even after the 10 seconds are over and the LED has stopped blinking. Pressing config x2 to clear the notification also does not change this value

You could set up an automation to send value 33491457 (solid red forever) when the stove is turned on, and then send 33491545 (solid green forever) when the stove is turned off, you just dont have a way to check the LED status or prevent anyone from clearing it with config x2.

The best resource I have found for the Parameter 16 (LED strip effect) values is https://nathanfiscus.github.io/inovelli-notification-calc/ (posted/created by @nathanfiscus in this thread
Home Assistant - 2nd Gen Switch RGB working!)

The extra parameters on the red series dimmer are for changing settings related to energy monitoring (which are not supported by the black series dimmer)

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Thank you for your reply.

Eric’s Hubitat (my hub) driver has a setParameter method. Not sure right now how to access it. Calls for some thinking :slight_smile: