LZW31 Black Series Firmware Change-Log page has inconsistent production versions

Hi guys

On this page below, it shows in the blue box that the production version is 1.48 otz / 1.41 bin. However when you scroll down it shows that production is v1.57 otz / v1.44 bin. Which one is the production version that I should update to?

I also noticed that there aren’t any topics for the more recent versions of the LZW31 black series dimmers on this forum. I think the latest one I saw is v1.52. Does that mean that anything higher is not considered stable?

I believe that the reason is because the production version went through an expensive (UL?) certification test and come on the switch from the factory, and subsequent bug fixes or enhancements are branded as “beta” purely because they were not submitted for $$$$$ recertification…

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1.57 is the current production release. They just forget to edit the box at the top when they make changes.

I don’t have any blacks, but I’d probably go with 1.57. The blacks and reds share a similar architecture, so sometimes changes to one results in a parallel change to the other. You can always roll back to a prior version if you’re not happy.

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Thanks for the info!

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Good eye @surelyhungry. Should be updated now.

Thanks for updating the page. The beta versions are out of sync as well.

One more question for you, why is the beta version lower than the production version?

That can go either way. There may or may not be a beta version being tested at any given point. In this case, the most recent was deemed to be suitable for production, so the beta version became the production version.