LZW31 Dimmer Firmware Update Issues

Hi there,

Trying to update the firmware on my LZW31 Dimmer Black via Home Assistant.

I followed the instructions for the secondary controller. I plugged my current Zwave stick into my PC, loaded up the PC Controller, and am stuck at the firmware update stage. I need to get the current firmware first with ‘get’ before I can update. I am not getting any results with Get on any switches. I have restarted, unplugged, etc.

I also have another Zwave.me stick that I now have set up as a secondary controller and the same issue.

Any advice?

Hopefully you’ve found a solution to your problem. I don’t have any issues using the Zwave PC Controller 5 software with my GoControl HUSBZB controller.

I reference: Instructions.

However, it doesn’t all apply in my case. I don’t exclude/include because I shutdown home assistant, move the controller from my raspberry pi to my windows machine (where I run the controller s/w). The stick holds the entities, so I just reference the node in the list, perform the GET to verify the device, then do the firmware update for target 0 & target 1 as detailed.