Lzw31 + Enbrighten add-on switch behavior

I have 4 lzw31 red dimmers connected to 3 Embrighten add-on and 1 GE Embrighten add-on.

Embrighten (3):

GE Embrighten (1)

The new Enbrighten switches turn on and off when you hit the up button. The only turn off when you hit the off button. The older GE Enbrighten switch turns on when press the top of the switch and off when you press the bottom. It does not do the reverse. I MUCH prefer the way the older GE Enbrighten switch behaves.

I’m considering returning the newer Enbrighten and getting matching GE Enbrighten switches but wanted to check if others see the same behavior.

I should add the switches on are FW 1.57 and 1.44