LZW31 Manual Dimming not working

I have replaced a Leviton dimmer switch (dumb) with an LZW31. The configuration is single-pole, non-neutral, driving a fixture with 7 bulbs, currently 3 LED and 4 incandescent. I have the switch working with Home Assistant and can turn on/off and set the dim level, also change the parameters for the LED color.

However, when I try to set the dim level manually with the paddles using a long press, the dim level seems to jump to 100% if I press up and 0% if I press down. From there, in order to get to a preferred dimness setting of about 65%, I need to use HA. I’ve played around with the Dimming Speed and Maximum Dim Level parameters, but they don’t seem to make any difference.

Basically, dimming manually at the switch doesn’t work, and that is bad for the WAF. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I was just about to post a similar question. I have the new LZW31-SN and I haven’t been able to figure out how to manually set the brightness level. I can set brightness through Homeseer, but not at the switch. What I want to be able to do is to click once to turn it full on without delay, and click once to turn it off without delay and then click and hold to ramp up or down the brightness. I’ve tried playing with the settings described in the documentation by setting the values that I think will work. The only thing I’ve been able to do is to get the instant on/off setting working by setting parameter 1 at the switch itself.

Of course, I’m just now re-reading the documentation and it would seem that if I want instant full on/full off, I would set parameter 3 (Ramp Rate) to 0 and to control the dimming speed, I should set parameter 1 to something like 2 or 3 for a 2 second bright/dim level. However, I just tried this and I was not able to get instant on/off. If I set ‘Ramp Rate’ to 0 and ‘Dimming Speed’ to 2, it didn’t matter whether I clicked and held the switch or just did a click on/off. If I wanted to dim the light I wasn’t able to get instant on/off, and if I want instant on/off I can’t get dimming. I’m assuming I’m missing something.

I found this thread when my first dimmer install had the same behaviour from switch side, cou;ld not hold to dim would just turn light off.

Difference here though once I got it connected to Hubitat, dimming control from press and hold of switch paddles started to work no problem.

I’m having the exact same issues, can set dim level through SmartThings and HA, cannot do it from the paddle. Single pole, no neutral. Also having some weirdness where hitting up on the paddle doesn’t always turn the light on, I have to press it a few times. I have 3 LED bulbs in the light, no flickering, no bypass.

Do we have faulty units? Should I send it back and get a replacement?

Edit: The switch has been installed for about 30 minutes and was having that problem. I just put the faceplate on, and checked again and now it’s working as it should. I don’t know if it needs to charge something up with the no neutral design or what, but it’s all good now. Ramps up like it should, can manually dim it from the wall.

tl;dr anyone else having this issue, give it some time and try again later.

What is Parameter 1 (Dimming Speed) set to? I believe that is the config setting you need for manual dimming speed (I think its mislabeled in the HA zwave config). I have mine set to 3 and its working fine.

Edit: Got config parameters mixed up. The printed instructions appear incorrect.
I set Parameter 1 to 0, and Parameter 2 to 3. This made it so changes in brightness via zwave are instantaneous, and changes in brightness from the switch itself are not. I think the instruction manual has it backwards.

FYI, the documentation that came with my LZW31 has the description of parameters 1-4 backwards. Parameter 1 and 3 are for the Z-Wave setting and parameter 2 and 4 are for at the switch not the other way around as indicated in the documentation. If I set my switch at 1 and 3 to 0 and 2 to 2 and 4 to 0, when I click the switch on or off, the lights go on and off quickly. If I click and hold up/down, the lights ramp on/off over 2 seconds. If I have the switch get controlled by my HA system, the lights always just ramp on/off without delay since that is how I have it set up.

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I’ve been suspecting that the documentation is wrong, since the documentation describes that the light bar would increase when the setting increases. It does not.

Q) Do we know what the actual local config setting parameter is for setting the minimum dimming level? I need to set my lights to a minimum dimming level of 45 and it appears parameter “2” isn’t the correct area (trying to view the documentation).

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Sorry guys, the correct parameter info can be found here:

I cannot get one Red Dimmer, (“RD”) LZW31-SN to dim the light attached physically to another RD. They both have neutral wires. The Right Side switch has a line and neutral wire. The let side switch has a line, neutral and load wire going to the light I want to control. The RD the light is physically attached to is the Left Side dimmer and the one I want to push is the Right Side dimmer. I have the physical push of the Left Side RD turned off as I have pushing it controls a different light. Using Hubitat’s rule machine I do have it working that pushing the Right Side switch up (#1) turns the light attached to the Left side on to 100%, pushing the Favorite/Config button (#7) turns the light attached to the Left side switch to 35% and pushing #1 down (“held”) turns the left side light out.

Since I found this thread a bit confusing as to whether Param 6 or 8 is really the one that works while being held I tried both combinations in Hubitat (and even tried have both 6 and 8 set at the same time), but none of those combinations worked. Besides posting screen shots of my RM Rules using Param 6 or 8, I’m also posting my preference settings for Params 1-12 for both switches.

Can somebody tell me how to set this up such that holing the Right Side switch up with brighten the light physically attached to the Left Side switch and holding it down dims the left side light down?