LZW31 Power loss To Hue Bulbs Over Night

So i have a Lzw31, a Hue motion Sensor and 5 Hue bulbs in the guest bath, All the bulbs Are controlled by the switch…

As far as the settings go for the switch everything is default except for the relay is disabled so that the bulbs dont lose power and i also have the switch in smart bulb mode.

The Motion sensor is a Hue sensor so the motion automations are created withing the hue app (Motion detected, turn on lights, motion not detected turn off lights but one bulb for accent lighting.) I opted to keep the automation within hue to lighten the work of my hubitat hub. and so far it works great

NOW the ISSUE… Everything works as intended for ONE day… everyday in the morning i head to the bathroom and nothing Happens, I check the hue app and the Motion sensor detected me… but light dont turn on… i check on hubitat and it reports my switch to be on. i got back to the phillips app and try to turn lights on manually and NOTHING. The only way to get thing up and running again is to pull the airgap on the switch and reboot it and that fixes my problem… so it seems that my switch is becoming unresponsive overnight, taps and power is still reported but no power flows to the bulbs until i reboot (airgap) the switch… i have enabled the logs to see if anything is happening over night at the switch but everything seems normal

@EricM_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli Any ideas what could be causing this odd behaviour…

I don’t use Hubitat or Hue, but I think I would do some testing outside of that combination before I started thinking that the switch is becoming unresponsive overnight.

You said that no power is flowing to the bulbs, but did you test that? You have the dimmer in the SBM with local control disabled so presumably power is provided to the bulbs full time. So the first thing I would test would be to remove a bulb after this happens and see if the fixture is powered.

If the fixture is powered, then the switch has nothing to do with your issue. In this configuration, all the dimmer has to do is power the bulbs. After that, it’s between Hue and Hubitat to turn them on or off.

My 2nd test if the bulbs remain powered would be to use a motion sensor directly connected to Hubitat and test. Take Hue out of the equation. If that works, then there is some wonkiness between the Hue/Hubitat interface.

No power flowing through the fixture. although when i check the switch status on my hub its still reports as ON… it also register the button taps…

No automation is running between hue and Hubitat… all on hue… basically the switch right now is not in use… the only reason i installed it was because i wanted to have a switch in wich i could disable the relay… maybe if i figure things out ill add some scenes but none at the moment…

On the hue side i have the bulbs and the motion sensor… everything works fine, motion and no motion is reported…

i think i made a small breakthrough… this issue took me back to when i bought my first inovelli red series dimmer… i had no neutral in the wall and it was powering a chendelier with 6 hue bulbs… apparently the hue bulbs when off do no draw enough power to keep the switch on… so it didnt work properly… HOWEVER in this bathroom switch i do have a neutral wire but i checked it and it felt a little loose… its possible that at night when the motion sensor was not active because everyone is sleeping… the lights are all off… so the switch also lost power… or at least didnt have enough power to work the next day allthough it’s led nd report are still being sent to the hub… :thinking: what do you think?

Definitely worth tightening all the connections on the switch and see what happens. Usually when I switch loses power it reboots. You know it reboots if you see the red green blue while it’s doing that.

Inovelli switches do occasionally become unresponsive requiring you to pull the air gap, but very infrequently and certainly not every night.

Thanks for the input removed the switch Nd reinstalled making sure connections are good… Odd behaviour still happens… everything works good for aproximately 3 hours then switch becomes unresponsive and stops sending power to bulbs. Switch isnt over heating nor do the leds change and as previously stated it still reports button commands to hubitat… the onlybway to get power back to the bulbs is pulling the airgap… :thinking::pensive::persevere:

i will replace all the hue bulbs with inovelli ones to see if issue persists… kinda sucks because the hue bulbs i have are white and inovelli are rgb didnt wanna waste rgb bulbs is bathroom lol

Hmmm, if the device still reports button presses, can you still control the load through hubitat? In SMB mode if you set it to 0% to 99% it should always output full power, but if you mess around with the level does it do anything?

Can you post a screenshot of all of the device “state variables”?

It Reports button presses on Hubitat wich is quite odd because it was not sending power at all to the bulbs as mentioned before, I had this issue happen before on a Chandelier with 6 hue bulbs but it was a no neutral configuration so the switch kept reseting, Apparently the hue bulbs do not use enough power when off to keep the switch alive… eventually i changed out the hue ones to inovelli bulbs and its all well…

Now the bathroom is a different scenario the switch led bars stays on (100), no reset, and reports button presses to the hub… after it becomes unresponsive,

All parameters on the switch are untouched except for (local control disabled, and smart bulb mode on) Neutral wire is present and its powering 4 bulbs through the load . 3(over the vanity) 1 (over the tub)…

The way my automation was set up was that the light over the tub always stays ON(blue in color, 100 percent brightness) the other 3 were off until motion is detected, wich then would trigger them all on to 6500k 100 percent brightness… then go back to just one light in blue after no motion.

After about and hour or two i would notice that the one bulb that was supposed to be on turns off… no logs no nothing in the hub… i walk in to the bathroom the motion sensor senses motion, the switch reports still being ON ect. but no power to any of the bulbs, only way to get it to sent power to them is to pull the air gap, and Tada!! … all work wonders for the next to to 3 hours until it happens again. My initial though was to check the wiring because it seems as if the neutral wasnt on or something but everything is fine… Found no Solutions and the kids and wife were not happy when they could turn the lights on soo… i took out the bulbs and replaced them with inovelli bulbs and all works great… i guess the switch does not like hue… ive got 18 bulbs and wanted to put them to use but i might have to get rid of them lol

OH!! btw… ive got 5 ilumin bulbs i cant reset for some reason ive tried exclusion, and on/off 6 times. nothing seems to work.