LZW31 programming and software update

Hi, where can I read about programming the switch, say changing the dimming speed to be fast/immediate?

Do these switches get software updates? How do I go about this? I’m using the switches with Smartthings

Hey @rowdster - I’ll put some detailed instructions up in a post shortly, but the manual shows all the various parameters in it. I can’t remember the number off the top of my head, but if you want instant on, look at the parameter that’s labeled, “Ramp Rate (from switch)” and set it to 0.

Or, since you’re using SmartThings, you can install the device handler to make it easier: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/InovelliUSA/SmartThingsInovelli/master/devicetypes/inovelliusa/inovelli-dimmer-red-series-lzw31-sn.src/inovelli-dimmer-red-series-lzw31-sn.groovy

There are directions located here (as well as in the manual): https://inovelli.com/shop/smart-light-switches/zwave-smart-switches-gen2/z-wave-dimmer-switch-no-neutral-required-scenes-notifications/#tab-installation-instructions (scroll down a bit and the instructions will be there).

Once you’ve installed the handler, click on the device in the app and then the gear icon at the top right to access the menu. Once in the menu, find, “Ramp Rate” — there will be two of them (remote and local). Set either or both to 0 and you should be good to go!

As for the software updates, we’ll have to wait until SmartThings allows OTA (Over-the-Air) capability for Z-Wave or you can buy a Z-Stick and we’ll walk you thru it.

Hope this helps for now until I get the capabilities up!

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