LZW31-SN A network or server error occured

First of all i have Dimmer Switch Red Series Z-Wave Plus w/S2, but manual in box says LZW31-SN, its only one place where i found model name.

I using Samsung SmartThings Hub V3 - White, GP-U999SJVLGDB
hub installed 10 meters from switch

I pressing config button for 5 seconds, light turn green, than release it and it turn red.
Near the switch i have Xiaomi Zigbee Temperature sensor, it working fine
But switch does not see hub.

I moved hub into same room, 2 meters from faceplate, same thing, switch does not see hub and unable to pair. but once it pair, but it working very slow, often shows “A network or server error occurred. Try again later”

I moved hub back, 10 meters from switch and switch shows reachability OK, but it not working and shows “A network or server error occurred. Try again later”

Switch located inside steel box, it attached to stud by 2 large nails and no way to replace it to plastic.

I did not do any initial setup to switch. Should I?
Yes, i resetting it

PS: removed switch from the wall and just keep on wires, so direct distance to hub - 8 meters with one wall. still not working, but reachability OK, light stay green after holding and release button

Your first post and responses in this forum were nothing but arrogant where experienced users cautioned you against doing something dangerous. Your responses were condescending, basically saying you would do what you want and asking Inovelli if you should return the switch.

Your exact words were “Do you want me to return switch back? Or I will use it like I want.”

And now you want more help . . .

Good luck with that . . .