LZW31-SN and direct association with Leviton VRCZ4 Scene Controler


I have created a direct association for a button on the VRCZ4 and the LZW31-SN. The association works, but the behavior is not as I would expect, and I was wondering if anyone could provide some advice. Here is what is happening.

Press on button on the VRCZ4 and dimmer appears to turn on at it’s lowest dim level. There is no light present from the bulbs. If I press and hold the dimmer up button on the VRCZ4 the dim level increase on the LZW31-SN. If I press the dim down button on the VRCZ4 than the light just turns off, it does not decrease the dim level.

Does anyone know if there is a way to make it when I press the on button on the VRCZ4 that the LZW31-SN would return to the last dim level. Is there anyway to make the dim down button on the VRCZ4 make the dim level go down instead of turning the light off?

Any help would be appreciated.