Lzw31-sn and lzw42 Association LED Bar

Decided to move some of my lzw42’s into my sons room so he can have fun colors and I setup an association on both group 3 and group 4 but eventually switched to group 2 and group 4 because I didnt like the speed of the dimming. Using both types of associations I was unable to get the LED bar to do anything other than stay on at 100% the whole time. Is this the intended behavior or are there ways to get the bar to follow the brightness of the bulbs? I would be happy if I could just get 100% brightness when they are on and 10% when they are off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nope. This is normal indication unfortunately.

There may be hope of a fix in the future. I believe @EricM_Inovelli is trying to resolve this with a future firmware update.


Well thats depressing.

Your desired functionality (LED bar following brightness of the bulbs) is possible if you have the option of not putting the bulbs on the load side of the dimmer. I think the problem you’re having happens when you disable local control. I have LZW42’s in a couple bedroom lamps connected to an LZW31-SN with association. They aren’t on the load side of my dimmer so I don’t need to disable local control. The LED bar follows the bulb brightness with this setup. So if you can bypass your dimmer and directly power the bulbs with just line & neutral to your dimmer (and keep local control enabled) I think it will work the way you want.

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We’re working on it, I promise :slight_smile:

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