LZW31-SN Association Issue

Having an issue with a new LZW31-SN and would welcome any suggestions anyone here might have.

I recently installed some under cabinet LED lights in the kitchen. Lights are run by a RGBGenie ZW-1002 RGBW LED controller (Z-Wave) connected to a Hubitat hub. This all works fine.

In order to provide local control for the lights, I installed a LZW31-SN into an empty outlet box we happened to have in the kitchen. There is no actual load connected to the switch, I just wanted to use it to remotely control the LED lights. I used the Z-Wave association tool to set up group 2 and 4 associations between the switch and the LED controller, which works fine. I am able to use the switch to turn the lights on and off, as well as dim them by holding the switch either up or down.

The issue I am having is with sending Z-Wave events from the hub to the switch. Z-Wave set level events sent to the switch seem to work, and are sent properly from the switch to the associated LED Controller. However, on and off events sent to the switch do not seem to be relayed to the LED Controller. The indicator light on the switch shows it being turned on or off, but there is no corresponding change on the associated controller.

I am able to send on and off events from the hub directly to the LED controller fine, but the end result of this is that any automations I create cause the switch and the LED controller to be out of sync (lights are off, but switch is still on, etc.)

Does anyone have any idea why on and off events sent to the switch from the hub are not taking effect on the associated LED Controller?